The Project

Final outcomes of the Project:

The implementation of this project will increase the energy efficiency of MHAT “Pomorie”, which will have a positive impact on the environment in the region as a result of the less air pollution. By changing and reconstruction of the internal heating system, the quality of services will be improved and the competitiveness of the MHAT “Pomorie” will be significantly increased. The better conditions will make it a preferred place for treatment and obstetric activity among patients in the municipality. By far, the majority of residents of the Pomorie municipality prefer to be hospitalized in the hospitals in Bourgas, mainly because of the poor conditions to stay in the local hospital.

The project is of a great importance not only for the sustainable development of hospital activity in the municipality of Pomorie and for the improvement of the social services offered there, and all other activities and sectors in Pomorie.

In social terms, the project will have an undeniable positive impact on the entire population of the municipality of Pomorie, because the MHAT “Pomorie” is the only hospital in the region.